At Calypso Pest Control, LLC, we offer the highest standard of professionalism and safety, fast reliable service, same day solutions, and use the latest, most effective products in our quest to protect your family and investment.



Whether buying or selling your home, it is important to have it inspected for wood-destroying organisms (WDO). Our thorough WDO inspections involve looking for evidence or presence of termites, carpenter ants, wood-destroying beetles and fungi. We also looks for evidence of past infestation, damage to wood, conditions conducive to infestation and evidence of past treatments.


A proper WDO inspection of the interior and exterior of your home can take approximately 45 minutes to an hour. An inspection of the exterior involves checking along the foundation wall for shelter tubes and live termites and other wood-destroying organisms. The interior inspection focuses on the baseboard, garage, attic, door and window frames looking for mud tubes, dead termite swarmers, exit holes, beetles, damage wood members and conditions conducive for infestation. It requires the use of a flashlight, a tapping tool, probing tool, and or mirror.


At Calypso Pest Control, LLC, we provide a written detailed report of all our findings upon completion of a WDO inspection. Any damages and need for treatment are highlighted. You will also be provided with a written estimate for the treatment. There is a charge for WDO inspections. (Inspection fees are based off actual square footage of home or business) Please contact us for additional information or a free estimate.



Termites are the single most destructive structural pest in Florida. It is estimated that termites cause over $500,000 in damages, repair and treatment annually. Termites are creatures of the dark and can go undetected for years and seriously undermine the structural integrity of your house if not detected and properly treated. Termite treatments can be very costly and time consuming. The most important thing is to correctly identify the termite type attacking your home.


Treatment depends on the homeowner's preference, termite type and location of infestation, building construction, environmental factors to include proximity of water catchment areas and wells and the associated cost of treatment. Soil treatment is probably the most common method for subterranean control while fumigation may be for drywood and dampwood termite control. The use of termite baits and monitoring systems is becoming popular as well as the use of physical barriers.


At Calypso Pest Control, LLC, the use of liquid termiticide application is the preferred method for controlling subterranean termites. The idea is to create a continuous termiticide barrier around the structure. This may involve trenching and treating, or drilling and treating or a combination thereof. Termidor (fipronil) and Dominion (imidacloprid) are the products that we currently use; both are non-repellent type products that cannot be detected by foraging termites. Both products are virtually odorless and pose minimal risk to humans, pests and the environment once properly used. Prior to application of termiticide a thorough inspection is done to determine if there is an infestation and consultation to determine treatment options. Termite inspections are free. Please contact us for additional information or to schedule an appointment.



Many pests can damage your home, while others carry and spread harmful diseases to humans and pets. Not all insects are harmful some are just occasional invaders looking for a warm, dry place to hide. Most insects are beneficial and we rely on them for crop pollination, soil replenishment, and preying on other insects which provide us with a natural pest control. Calypso’s pest control program is focused on pest prevention, population reduction, and elimination from your home or structure.


Proper identification of pests is very important. Our plan involves an initial consultation with the customer, as well as an inside/outside inspection of the structure to determine the pest type and the level of infestation. We then develop a customized, comprehensive pest control program. We offer an initial pest treatment followed by bi-monthly service. Our pest control program covers ants, spiders, roaches, earwigs, crickets, scorpions, pantry beetles and clothes moths.


Our initial pest treatment involves both inside and outside treatments, followed by bi-monthly treatments focused on the outside to prevent pest from re-entering your home or structure. Should any pest get into your home, we will return and take care of it at your convenience and at no additional cost to you. This program requires a one-year contract. However, we also offer one-time pest control service with no contracts.


The initial pest control treatment involves:

  1. Sweep around all windows, doors and eaves to remove spider webs and wasp nests.
  2. Liquid treatment in the garage and entry points including doors, windows and eaves to prevent pest entering your home.
  3. Granular perimeter application around home (not to areas with concrete).
  4. Apply bait product to kitchen and bathroom areas.
  5. Apply dust product to all electrical outlets.
  6. Apply fogger product to attic, if necessary.
  7. Liquid treatment to baseboard, behind appliances, any cracks and crevices.


Bi-monthly treatments involve:

  1. Apply granular insecticide around perimeter of home.
  2. Sweep around all windows, doors and eaves to remove spider webs and wasp nests.
  3. Liquid treatment around entry points including doors, windows and eaves.
  4. Liquid treatment in the garage.
  5. Apply fogger product to attic, if necessary.


Pest inspections are free. Please contact us for additional information or to schedule an appointment.